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Yes, I can only say good things. The customer service representative I dealt with was very professional and helpful. The product was exactly as advertised. I was very impressed with everything here. I love my dolls, my wife thinks it’s weird but she has been very supportive and it has actually brought us closer together. I love spending time with her. I have also found that cleaning and caring for my dolls is a great pleasure.

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Yes, 10/10, I have never unloaded so much in my life! I spent $2,000 that could have gone to child support or rent, I needed something to take the edge off, and boy did she finish me off. I’m having a hard time finding an excuse for why I couldn’t afford rent that month, and I can’t say I wasn’t there because I was in my room for a long time. At least I can say that I don’t have to worry about child support being at risk a second time.